Past life regression certificate online


Discover How To Overcome Your Challenges

And Resolve Past Life Issues Using

A Very Powerful Hypnosis Technique

Developed For Personal Change!

Earn The Certification that adds value to your services as a hypnotist coach or a communicator with this 100% Online self-guided course

This step-by-step program unlocks and applies the teachings of ancient wisdom, applying them within a hypnotic lens to help you help others match their desire to heal their own past, mend traumatic experiences, confront repressed emotions, and enact positive change in all areas of life.

Dr. Steve used his years of practical application, research and teaching experience to develop a program that is well suited for anyone who desires to practice PLR from a hypnotic perspective.

This program is ideal For Any Coach, Counselor, Hypnotist Or Mentor Working With Clients Who Desire Lives Full Of Meaning, Abundance, Opportunity Or More…

Hypnotists familiar with the work of Dr. Steve (or those who have already participated in one of his several certification courses) may want to advance their careers by gaining certification in one of the most powerful forms of PLR available.

The course and certification are delivered in a completely online system through a series of instructional videos and a course workbook. An essay and test certification is available at the end of the course, with credentialing and certification by the American Alliance of Hypnotists.

After completing this course, your certification will be globally recognized.

Help Others Access Their Past Lives And Discover The Correct Practice Of A Unique, Transformative Practice

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